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Founder's Message:

As a cancer survivor, I realized the importance of self-love with the trinity of mind-body-soul connection for true healing to take place. Thus, not only do I want to offer healing food for the body but also for the mind and the soul. When you pick up a cube of my Bespoke product, Bentong Ginger Tea, you will be guided on how to love yourself more by reading the inspirational quote written on each cubes.

Women are great multi-taskers and time always seemed not enough when we tend to prioritized other things rather than ourselves. With this convenient Eight Treasures Tonic Soup and Waist Tonic Soup packs to care and nourish your body, you do not have any more excuses to neglect your health. These are also extremely beneficial for confinement mothers and women trying for a baby!

If you are seeking for answers and willing to go deeper into your soul and ready to take actions to improve your current life, my Healing Services are offered to assist and guide you. Drop me a message for a Trial Session with no obligations, just an open heart. I am here, even if you just want to have a listener <3

with love and hope,
Summer Ng

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Confinement Bundle Sets
(Set A or B)
From $89.49

Collagen Soup - Chicken Bone Broth
(2 packs/set)

Wellness Bentong Ginger Tea
(18 cubes/box)


(Inner) SPACE Healing
$349 | 120mins

SOUL Healing
$349 | 120mins

Reiki Energy Healing
$149 | 60mins

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